Made in the U.S.A.

Thomaston Mills - Advantages of Buying Domestic Bed Linens

People are often surprised to know we still make Thomaston Mills branded bed linens in the USA.  There are many money-saving advantages for our customers which our bed linens provide vs. cheap imported product:


Appearance:  Thomaston sheets look better longer because of their construction and finish.  This becomes more apparent over many launderings as Thomaston sheets remain bright, smooth and crisp.  Imported sheets often turn yellow or gray and wrinkle excessively. These differences become more noticeable in a white sheet, where you do not have a print or dark color to hide such deficiencies. Thomaston sheets contain optical brightener for the most radiant white in the business.

Feel:  Your customers want comfortable sheets on their beds.  Thomaston sheets are consistently smooth and soft.  The feel of imports tends to vary considerably and can be very stiff or very slick.


Multiple Sources:  Dramatic variation in appearance and feel in imports happens for another very good reason.  Many importers and foreign manufacturers source product from multiple plants within the same country, which use different raw materials and finishing processes.


Price:  Thomaston branded bed linens are surprisingly competitive with the pricing of imports.  Over the long  term however, less frequent replacement means Thomaston Mills bed linens save hotels, hospitals, institutions and other intensively laundering customers money.

Timeliness/Delivery:  Thomaston Mills prides itself on providing rapid response on your unexpected needs and custom products.  With imports, unless the product is sitting on the shelf, the immediate delivery you require can take 3-4 months to arrive.  We carry a massive inventory so you don’t have to.  With our rapid just-in-time delivery, you will receive your linens when you need them, maximize your inventory turns and avoid costly stock-outs.


Ability to Customize:  We offer many ways to customize your bed linens including special sizes, colored hem threads, private labeling, piping and multiple ways of property marking (Continuous Identification Marking, Kaumographing and Screen Printing). Most importantly,  we can typically turn around a special project in 3 weeks or less vs. 3-4 months for imported product.


Reputation:  You can be proud of products from Thomaston Mills.  Our products are finished with high environmental standards and made by the most experienced team in the institutional linen business right in Thomaston, GA!